Google Chrome OS is making waves in the both technical and business community. Released for the developers in last week , there is different types of views about this new Google operating system.Some feel that its just another Linux clone and some feel it will great threat to the MS Windows. But the Google Chrome OS targets a very different Kind of market and users.

###1.Cheap Devices to Connect to Internet There are some of the users who primary use the system just as a gateway to connect to the Internet. Netbooks are one of this type. But the prices of the netbook relatively high because of two reasons

  • The standard hardware which cost a lot , but used less often Ex: Hard disk space, Graphic cards etc
  • Operating system and other software costs which are primary not useful in Net books Ex:Licencing for Windows Operating system , Microsoft Office etc

But Google Chrome promises to change all this . It doesn’t uses the bulky hard disks since all the data will be stored in Cloud . It doesn’t comes with any OS licences since Google Chrome OS is an open source and free Operating system.So the devices running Chrome OS will relatively cheaper which gives option to buy theses devices for accessing Internet services.

###2.More People means More space to sell Ads

Cheap devices bring more users to the Internet. It will give the Google an opportunity to target their ads to more people . Even they can display the ads in the application inside the Chrome OS. This is where all the business comes from .

###3.Not an Windows replacement , but tries to make Windows obsolete Google chrome OS is not a Windows replace. It never intended to be . But its primarily focus to make windows obsolete and give the end users to an truly alternative.No more users to depend upon the bulky Windows or less user friendly Linux just to run the browser. In future we can see more devices running Chrome OS , which will be very cheap and light weight.

So do you think Chrome holds the future?

P.S If you are interested in testing Chrome OS , download VMWare image from here