Chrome Web Store came a long way from its initial conception. Now it hosts thousands of webapps which covers different areas like education, entertainment, family, games etc. It’s very easy to discover and install apps which can sync to all chrome instances running in different machines.

Being an artist in heart, I started to explore different drawing apps in the store. In this post I would like to introduce you to three different apps and my experience with them.

###1. deviantART muro

Well, deviantART muro is really a cool App. There are just 4 modes.Draw, Eraser, Flood Fill and Eye Dropper. In these 4 basic modes, we can use some good number of tools, like weblink,basic,nightmare smoke,drippy,sketch etc.Good gradient of colors are available and one can make good strokes like curves, free hand, using the “smoke” option. I really enjoyed it. I have few sample works of the same.

Filters are also great like blur, sharpen, glowing edges etc. these are amazing. You can submit your art work to deviantART muro and for that you have to be a registered user. You can’t save your work either unless you are registered with them. Well, you can take a screenshot! ;)


###2. Aviary

Aviary is a nice App. The liquify tool is really awesome. It’s a nice way to portray abstract art. Shape brush tool is also notable feature with varied shapes like flowers, spray, hair line, leaf etc. The art work can be submitted as your creation by signing up with the aviary, where you get a lot more privilege to work with your art by sharing it with world wide artists. You can even take the derivative of other artists work on it and publish too. For a young, budding talent, this is a nice place to be at!



Sketchpad is yet another awesome App. Not tried much as I have done with deviantART muro. But, one must agree that the user interface is really awesome.


For those who really can’t go with Adobe CS5 or any other drawing Applications which is unsatisfactory can try these Apps and enjoy to the core in their imaginary world! So, Happy drawing! :)