Sbt is the default build tool for Scala. This post talks about steps to install sbt on ubuntu.

Steps to install Sbt on ubuntu

#Add typesafe repository     
wget `

#Install the repository
sudo dpkg -i repo-deb-build-0002.deb

sudo apt-get update

#Install sbt
sudo apt-get install sbt

#check whether sbt is installed

Add specific version of sbt

Some project need specific version of sbt like 0.13.

If you get error saying Detected sbt version 0.12.2 Cannot find sbt launcher 0.12.2 Please download: From… To /home/{username}/.sbt/.lib/0.12.2/sbt-launch.jar

Run the following commands by replacing with you username.

mkdir -p /home/{username}/.sbt/.lib/0.12.2/ 
 wget -O /home/{username}/.sbt/.lib/0.12.2/sbt-launch.jar