Sbt is the default build tool for Scala. This post talks about steps to install sbt on ubuntu.

##Steps to install Sbt on ubuntu

#Add typesafe repository     
wget `

#Install the repository
sudo dpkg -i repo-deb-build-0002.deb

sudo apt-get update

#Install sbt
sudo apt-get install sbt

#check whether sbt is installed

##Add specific version of sbt

Some project need specific version of sbt like 0.13.

If you get error saying Detected sbt version 0.12.2 Cannot find sbt launcher 0.12.2 Please download: From… To /home/{username}/.sbt/.lib/0.12.2/sbt-launch.jar

Run the following commands by replacing with you username.

  mkdir -p /home/{username}/.sbt/.lib/0.12.2/ 
 wget -O /home/{username}/.sbt/.lib/0.12.2/sbt-launch.jar