Java is Dead.It has no feature . Java’s future is uncertain in the hands of Oracle.Is this you hear about Java everywhere?Is this discourage you to learn Java? Then you should read this post to find out why Java still matters and a good language to learn.

Java is the language that first to come up with idea of platform independence. It was important idea since programmers were divided in terms of platforms and porting applications from one platform to another was extremely difficult.Also advancement of Web wanted a cross platform environment to evolve. Java just helped to do it.Starting with applets , the first dynamic content on the web ,Java is a major player in the Web. But as technologies are changing Java is getting diverse application which should we aware of .So in this post we explore the what Java is actually useful for and not useful for too.

The things you should not try with Java.

###Don’t use Java to write Client side programs like Applets. When Java launched at 1995, it was first used to write the client side web programs are called as Applets. But Java Applets no more an attractive idea. Since Java Script +AJAX doing wonders in client side , it make no sense to wait for JVM to load in order to see the applet running in the browser. Though we cannot do some of the things in Java Script as in applets like drag and dropping files from machine , advance of HTML5 can change that. So as a Java Developer applets doesn’t make sense any more.

###Java for desktop applications has a limited scope. Yeah there are many desktop applications written in Java(Open office use Java), but they are slow and clumsy when compare to the application written in C/C++. The JVM again plays a major role here.Java desktop applications tends to be memory hungry, which can slow down the whole system . So as a Java developer writing desktop applications is not an attractive option.

Things that you should try with Java

###Java is perfect language for server side programming Many argue that PHP better than Java for server side programming. Its true if you are developing the sites for general information or for organising the information .But if you want develop a web application for Web like SaaS , then Java is perfect language for you. Its fully object oriented nature with strong typing gives you the power of building the strong applications.Its nicely integrates with the client side applications like JavaScript .

###Java is the language for Google Android . Google android is the mobile operating system Google.Its making waves in the Tech industry and seen as a true competitor iPhone. If you are planning to develop the applications for the Android , then you should know the Java. It is the official language for Android. So it may encourage you to learn the Java since smart phones running Android are growing very rapidly.

###Java the language for Cloud. Every cloud application Platform supports Java .Google App Engine ,Amazon EC2,Sun cloud etc are well supports the Java language to develop the high class cloud application that can scale very easily and flexibly.

###J2ME to develop cross platform applications for Mobiles. If you are willing to develop a mobile application that should run on the every mobile , the Java is language for you. Except iPhone all the mobile platforms support J2ME so your application can run on any mobile if you develop it using Java.

After saying this all, some will ask what is the future of Java in the hands of the Oracle. We dont know what will be the future but there is nothing to panic. Because Java is open sourced in 2007 , so if the Oracle want to close the source ,Java will evolve through the open source contribution .

So Java is language of past and for the future too. So if you want to learn a new language in this new year, start with Java.Wish you happy Java journey. Start the Java journey with Sun tutorial